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LED Ceiling Light Featured


The Ceiling LED Motion Sensor Light is a convenient and affordable way to enhance visibility for the darker areas inside and outside your home.Motion sensitive and powered by a super bright LED, this light is the perfect combination of brightness and energy efficiency. The handy auto shut-off feature means that the light will turn off shortly after motion stops being detected, so forgetting about leaving the light on will be a thing of the past.

Powered by 4 C batteries (included) and designed for both indoor and outdoor use, its built-in photo sensor ensures that the light only turns on when it detects motion in the dark, saving battery life.The sensor is capable of detecting motion from up to 6 meters away, with a detection angle of 120 degrees. Moreover, the Ceiling LED Motion Sensor Light comes with both adhesive and screw mounting options. Whether your pantry, shed, cold cellar, or any other space needs a little more light, the Ceiling LED Motion Sensor Light is a perfect choice.


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