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Colour Changing LED Puck Light

The Enviromate Colour Changing LED Puck light is a water resistant remote multi-colour accent light. Using 3 AAA batteries, each puck has 10 LEDs capable of emitting 13 colours, including White. Batteries are included.

The included remote control works up to 5m away, and offers Fade and Jump modes. Fade mode changes colours gradually automatically, and Jump mode changes colours at timed intervals. Also, there are 4 brightness levels for solid colours.

Great for all occasions, party favors, lighting up wedding and banquet centerpieces, flower arrangements, vases, an ice and beverage bucket or cooler, bathtub, hot tub (up to 110F), shallow pools and fountains. Also is great un-submerged in a glassy centerpiece, as a cocktail coaster, mood lighting, a nightlight or ambience light in any darkened room.


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