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LED Light Stick


The LED Light Stick is a conveniently sized, multi-purpose indoor light that is perfect for a multitude of lighting needs around the house. The stick comes with 3 AAA batteries, and is powered by 4 white super bright LEDs. By having the ability to change the direction of the light, as well as the option of vertical or horizontal mounting, the LED Light Stick makes a perfect fit for task lighting such as reading, closet lighting and camping.  

Further, the Light Stick can easily be snapped into or taken out of its included base for fixed or portable use, depending on your needs.  The wide array of lights distributed along the length of the stick allows for a broader distribution of light across a surface area, maximizing the amount of light it produces while minimizing the amount of energy required to power it.  To operate the LED Light Stick, simply press the on and off button located on the end.



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