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Light Stick High Output

The Light Stick High Output is the next generation of Enviromate’s original LED Light Stick. Equipped with 6 super bright LEDs, the LSHO is 25% brighter than the previous generation. The Light Stick High Output is also dimmable, featuring two dim settings:

  • High (20 Hours of Battery Life at 40 Lumens)
  • Low (90 Hours of Battery Life at 8 Lumens)

The Light Stick High Output can be mounted in any orientation, or hung from any standard hook using the included lanyard. It lasts up to 90 hours on a single set of 3 AAA batteries, and fits in any backpack or glove compartment. Use it as an emergency light in lieu of a flare, or as a closet/locker light when you’re tight on space. The Light Strip High Output is the perfect light to have when there isn’t a power source around! Wherever you need light, the Light Stick High Output shines.

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