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Luminate LED Remote Puck Lights

The Luminate Remote Puck Light is a wireless, dimmable lighting kit. While its compact size makes it perfect for any room in the house, the greatest benefit of the Luminate Remote Puck Lights comes in the form of its included wireless remote, which allows for a variety of convenient lighting options. Press the “on” button on the remote control to luminate the LEDs at full brightness.

Powered by long-life LED technology it includes double sided adhesive and AAA batteries to allow for quick and easy installation. Each puck requires 3 AAA batteries for operation, and the remote requires 2. To adjust the output of light, you can press the “low” button on the remote to dim the LEDs. Also included is a timer. Press the “30 min” button on the remote control to activate the 30 minute timer. The remote itself has a range of approximately 6 meters or 20 feet. You can also press the lens on the puck itself to turn the LEDs on or off at any time.


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