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Mini Power Failure LED Light


The Mini Power Failure LED Nightlight is an all-purpose emergency nightlight/flashlight designed to provide ample light in any area of your home that requires it.  Built into the light itself is a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and a convenient induction charger, which plugs into any conventional wall outlet with an attached AC plug. 

The Mini Power Failure LED Nightlight’s most important feature is its versatility, offering 3 functions in 1.  At any time, it can be used as a small and portable flashlight, powered by three bright white LEDs.  When the flashlight isn’t in use, the light instantly becomes a handy nightlight with the flick of a button.  The automatic photo sensor on the front of the flashlight detects changes in light throughout the day and turns on when needed to illuminate the surrounding area.  What’s more, in the event of a power outage, the LED flashlight will turn on automatically when it detects a loss of power from the AC outlet, and can then be used as a portable flashlight.  

All these features, combined with energy-efficient LEDs technology make the Mini Power Failure Nightlight a versatile household device that’s always ready.



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