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Motion 360 LED Light


The all-new LED Motion 360 is a motion-sensitive multi-purpose utility light designed for a multitude of uses inside and outside your home.  

Inside the product, light is channeled through a 360 degree rotatable lens powered by 10 super bright white LEDs.  The light provides a bright and wide field of illumination that requires significantly less power because of its energy-efficient LED technology.  Further, the built-in motion sensor ensures that the light only turns on when it detects motion in the dark, allowing for prolonged battery life.  The Motion 360’s auto-off feature is also effective at helping to save power, as it will turn the light off a short period after motion is no longer detected.

The light is completely wireless and ready to install, mounting screws and 3 AA batteries are included with your purchase.  To access the battery compartment, simply line up the arrows by twisting the body.  

Its rugged construction makes the Motion 360 suitable for both indoor and outdoor use (IP44 rated), including walkways, porches, sheds, and any areas that require a battery operated light source.


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