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Polaris LED Motion Light

The Polaris High Output Motion Light packs a brilliant 80 Lumens into a compact and modern design. The Polaris is ideal for illuminating smaller spaces (closets, cabinets, washrooms), as well as brightening larger areas (sheds, pantries, garages) without a need for wired lighting. The built-in motion sensor enhances your home’s safety (especially during a power outage), and the adjustable lens lets you direct light independently of the motion sensor. Designed with visibility in mind, the Polaris uses COB LED technology to produce a brighter, more brilliant output than the original Classic LED Motion Sensor Light.

The Polaris High Output Motion Light uses 3 AAA batteries (included), and has an On-Off-Auto switch so you can leave the light on, or have it activate only when it senses motion. Use the included mounting bracket and adhesive to attach the Polaris to almost any vertical surface in your home. Simply slide the Polaris off the mounting bracket to use it elsewhere, or when changing the batteries.