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Strip USB Rechargeable Light Bar

 The Strip Rechargeable LED Light Bar is Enviromate’s most versatile motion sensitive task light. The Strip mounts on almost any surface in your home or workspace with easy installation. It is wireless, and comes with several mounting options including: hook, magnet, pocket, and bracket. Featuring 13 high-output LEDs and a 6-hour long battery life, the Strip is ready to adapt to any setting. Advanced motion sensors activate the Strip automatically when motion is detected up to 3 meters away. The USB battery pack is removable, and charges in any USB port. After charging, you can re-insert the battery pack to bring the Strip back to life. The Strip with long lasting LEDs is rechargeable, which ensures the product can be used again and again.


  • USB rechargeable battery included
  • Aluminum body
  • Light and motion sensitive
  • Wireless
  • Manual On/Off
  • Mounting brackets included
  • 6-hour Battery life


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