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LED Luminaires FAQ

LED Luminaires FAQ (4)

Please note: Motion sensors like the one in the Classic Motion Sensor only operate in the dark. This is a battery saving feature.

  • Ensure that the plastic tab has been removed from the battery compartment.
  • Ensure the operation switch is in the "Auto" position. 
  • Try a fresh set of alkaline "AAA" batteries.

Behind the rear battery door near the batteries is a 3 way switch with the settings "Off", "Auto" and "On." Slide the switch all the way to the "On" position after installing a fresh set of "AAA" batteries. If the LEDs light up, then you can change the switch to "Auto" and use it normally.

This product requires 4 "C" cell batteries.

Start by unscrewing the white cap on the end opposite the on/off button. Then pull the end with the on/off button out from the cylinder. You now have access to the 3 AAA batteries for replacement. Reverse these steps to reassemble the Light Stick