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Enviromate is excited to announce that our Solar Motion light 2 pack has arrived in Home Depot stores. Find out more about the Solar Motion here.

Enviromate has done it again with the new Solar Motion LED Light. This surprisingly bright spotlight features a modern design with 2 points of articulation so that you can aim it exactly where you need it.

The all-in-one body means that installation is a breeze with 0 wires to connect. Simply mount the Solar Motion LED Light in a place where the solar panel has access to direct sunlight to charge the internal battery. With a dispersion of 120° the integrated motion sensor waits for movement before slicing through the dark with 150 brilliant lumens of light.

The Solar Motion LED Light is perfect for illuminating entries or startling undesirables, either way it’s always ready. It can be installed on homes, fences, decks, sheds, cottages and more.

The Light Stick High Output is the next generation of Enviromate’s original LED Light Stick. Equipped with 6 super bright LEDs, the LSHO is 25% brighter than the previous generation. The Light Stick High Output is also dimmable, featuring two dim settings:

  • High (20 Hours of Battery Life at 40 Lumens)
  • Low (90 Hours of Battery Life at 8 Lumens)

The Light Stick High Output can be mounted in any orientation, or hung from any standard hook using the included lanyard. It lasts up to 90 hours on a single set of 3 AAA batteries, and fits in any backpack or glove compartment. Use it as an emergency light in lieu of a flare, or as a closet/locker light when you’re tight on space. The Light Strip High Output is the perfect light to have when there isn’t a power source around! Wherever you need light, the Light Stick High Output shines.

The Luma Night Light is a multi-use wall light and USB charger portable enough to plug-in the bedroom, washroom, hallway, or kitchen. The Luma is especially useful on the go – it works great as a night light and USB charger in any hotel, RV, or campsite with standard outlets. The Luma Night Light & USB Charger features 2 high-powered USB ports that can charge 2 devices at once, or 1 device at a slightly quicker 3.1 Amps. The Luma is also quite versatile, featuring a minimal design that matches any décor effortlessly. It features an On/Off/Auto switch to suit your room’s needs, which ensures that it is only ever on when needed.

Since the Luma Night Light & USB Charger is ideal for any USB-powered device, pairing it with the Strip Rechargeable LED Light Bar just makes sense. Anywhere you need light, you can mount the Strip Rechargeable LED Light Bar. Anywhere you need power, you can plug in the Luma Night Light & USB Charger.

The Polaris High Output Motion Light packs a brilliant 80 Lumens into a compact and modern design. The Polaris is ideal for illuminating smaller spaces (closets, cabinets, washrooms), as well as brightening larger areas (sheds, pantries, garages) without a need for wired lighting. The built-in motion sensor enhances your home’s safety (especially during a power outage), and the adjustable lens lets you direct light independently of the motion sensor. Designed with visibility in mind, the Polaris uses COB LED technology to produce a brighter, more brilliant output than the original Classic LED Motion Sensor Light.

The Polaris High Output Motion Light uses 3 AAA batteries (included), and has an On-Off-Auto switch so you can leave the light on, or have it activate only when it senses motion. Use the included mounting bracket and adhesive to attach the Polaris to almost any vertical surface in your home. Simply slide the Polaris off the mounting bracket to use it elsewhere, or when changing the batteries.

The Light Switch is our high output, dual-COB LED light source. It packs a brilliant 200 lumens into a compact package that can be operated with the flip of a switch. Easy to install and minimally designed, the Light Switch is perfect for any space in your home. It comes with built-in magnets for use on most metal surfaces, as well as mounting adhesives.

Enviromate Products Corp is proud to announce our new store! Now open to the public you can shop 24 hours a day! Visit us at

 The Strip Rechargeable LED Light Bar is Enviromate’s most versatile motion sensitive task light. The Strip mounts on almost any surface in your home or workspace with easy installation. It is wireless, and comes with several mounting options including: hook, magnet, pocket, and bracket. Featuring 13 high-output LEDs and a 6-hour long battery life, the Strip is ready to adapt to any setting. Advanced motion sensors activate the Strip automatically when motion is detected up to 3 meters away. The USB battery pack is removable, and charges in any USB port. After charging, you can re-insert the battery pack to bring the Strip back to life. The Strip with long lasting LEDs is rechargeable, which ensures the product can be used again and again.


  • USB rechargeable battery included
  • Aluminum body
  • Light and motion sensitive
  • Wireless
  • Manual On/Off
  • Mounting brackets included
  • 6-hour Battery life


The Modern LED Motion Light is a brilliant wireless lighting solution for your home or workspace. Bright LEDs illuminate the area as soon as movement is detected, making it safer for you and your loved ones. With its adaptable design, the Modern LED Motion Light is versatile enough to fit in a cupboard, and bright enough to light your staircase. The hands-free design and long-life LEDs mean that the Modern LED Motion Light is always ready when you need it.  This product is battery operated and only activates in the dark, saving hours of battery life.  It will automatically turn off when no motion is detected.  The Modern LED Motion Light also includes several mounting options. Everything you need to mount the Modern LED Motion Light is included, making it easy to install, and even easier to use.

  • Motion sensitive only in dark
  • 3 X AAA Batteries required
  • Wireless
  • Mounting bracket included
  • Easy installation

The all-new Click Dimmable LED Puck is easier than a light-switch! The simple design features a single button, allowing you to easily change the brightness setting to meet your needs. Simply click once for the ‘High’ setting, once for ‘Low’, and once more to turn the light off. The Click Dimmable LED Puck comes with a mounting bracket, adhesive, and a keyhole for screw mounting. The available mounting options allow you to use your Click in more ways than one! This dimmable light is ideal for all kinds of spaces around the house, including closets, kitchens, bathrooms, and bedrooms. The Click also makes a perfect camping or back-to-school companion, fitting into most bags and lockers. With a simple design and installation, the Click Dimmable LED Puck is easier to use than turning on a light-switch! 

  • One-button operation
  • Minimal Design- goes with most decor
  • Dimmable LEDs
  • Wireless
  • 3 X AAA Batteries required
  • Mounting bracket included
  • Easy installation


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