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Enviromate Products is proud to present the all-new Consumer Lighting Solutions line-up!  The CLS product line is a seven product collection of household lighting products designed for a multitude of uses inside and outside the home.  Each CLS item is equipped with energy effificent super bright white LEDs that allow for powerful light output while maximizing overall battery life.

Every product in the CLS line is completely wireless and easy to install, with several available mounting options to suit each customer’s specific needs.  In addition, each product also includes the batteries required to power it.  In all, the CLS product line is an effective and affordable way to add more light wherever you need it.

For retailers, the CLS product line is an affordable and effective way to help boost overall sales while providing your customers with qualitiy, versatile lighting products.  By introducing new products at a competitive price point, stores will experience incrimental sales over time.  Further, by having CLS products at cash registers and high-populated areas of the store, the cash register ticket volume will increase, subsequently boosting overall profit dollars.

Each CLS product should have a wide appeal to your customers, as they are multipurpose and ideal for a variety of household uses.  As a result, the growing popularity of the CLS line, combined with a low retail price point, will lead to a high inventory turnover rate.

The line-up includes....

LED Ceiling Light

Classic LED Motion Sensor

LED Light Stick

Luminate LED Remote Puck Lights

Mini Power Failure LED Nightlight

Motion 360 LED Light

Wave LED Light


Click on any of the above links to learn more about the various products, including access to brand new content videos.  For more information, you can download our product pamphlet through the link below.


The best method of cleaning is by regular washing of the coating using a solution of warm water and mild detergent. All surfaces should be cleaned using a soft cloth or sponge, using nothing harsher than natural bristle brushes.

This product requires 4 "C" cell batteries.